Gardening Activity Day, Friday 25th May

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Hi everyone,
I hope you are all well.
The last activity day was Show ‘n’ Tell.  We met a puppy named George and a goldfish named Speedy, as well as three guinea pigs and a rabbit. In a great introduction to public speaking for the children, we heard poetry and learnt about books, ice hockey, metal detectors, crafts, toy trucks and dinosaurs. To top it off, we listened to a demonstration of some groovy cup beats! I can’t wait till we have another Show ‘n’ Tell day.

The next activity day is a gardening workshop, run by Tanya and Rebecca. Tanya will be potting some plants with the older children and Rebecca will be doing sprout heads for the little ones.  It should be a great day and a chance for everyone to give their green thumbs a workout.  I hope you can make it.


Next Activity Day, Friday 11th May

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Hi everyone,

The next activity day is this Friday, 11 May, starting at 10:00am.

Thanks to everyone who came to the Origami day, it was a lot of fun.
And also thanks to Michelle for doing the pasta craft for the little ones. There are lots of nice photos in the gallery.

The next activity day is Show ‘n’ Tell. The children are invited to bring something they really like or they know a lot about.
For example children are welcome to recite a poem or speech, show and tell about their favourite book, game, movie or toy.

It gives our children a chance to practice their public speaking skills and have fun doing it, in front of a supportive audience.

It should be a lovely day, I hope you can come.

God Bless,


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