Book Activity – Friday, 25 July, 2014

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Hi Everyone,

The gardening day was such a lovely day we really must thank Tanya for her well organised, enjoyable, hands-on activity. Little things learnt on days such as this will be remembered long after our kids have grown up and taken their place in the world! It’s been almost 4 weeks and not only are our strawberry plants still doing well but also our snow peas are actually sprouting, yay!



Here we are, then, in the very middle of Winter and it’s likely that this week’s activity day will be entirely indoors. Well, since everyone knows that homeschoolers love to read, this week we’re asking you to bring along your favourite book, the one that just sweeps you away to another place. Be willing to tell us all about it and especially what makes it so fabulous to you. Is it the great battle scenes, the heroic rescue and escape, or the cheeky main character who is always in trouble? What is it? We all want to be impressed by your passion for your treasured book, so dress the part too. We hope everyone shares something from that wonderful, personal world that only a good book can create. It’s great fun to get “in-character” for these occasions.


I hope you can make it along – it should be a great day.
See you there,


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