Cancellation of Irish dancing activity day, Friday 1st of December

November 30, 2017 § Leave a comment


Hi everyone, due to the severe weather warning, I have decided to cancel tomorrow’s activity day. Stay safe and thanks for your understanding. 

God bless, Christina.

Irish dancing activity, Friday 1st of December

November 28, 2017 § 1 Comment

Hi everyone,

This week  the very talented Emily will be teaching the children Irish dancing. She asks that the children wear light and loose fitting clothes so that they can move around with ease.  Also there will be a hard shoe dancing class for the boys,  so if it is possible, please have your boys wear dress shoes.


Looking forward to seeing you there, God Bless,

Trash and Treasure activity 2017, Friday November 17

November 12, 2017 § Leave a comment

Hi everyone,

This week Kelly has come up with the great idea that we hold a trash and treasure market, with all proceeds going to the charity, Mary’s Meals.


Trash and Treasure: 100% goes to Mary’s Meals.


Everyone could bring a number of items they no longer want, put a fair price on them and sit them on a table. We will leave a container on each table and people can buy the items, placing the money in the container. So essentially, we are donating unwanted goods. If an item doesn’t sell the owner just takes it home again.  What a great way to declutter before Christmas, score yourself a bargain and help people in need!

We will also organise a couple of games for the kids afterwards, if time permits.

This is certainly something we’ve never done before.

Looking forward to seeing you there,


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