About Us

Welcome to The Catholic Homeschool Activities Group

We hope youʼll find this group to be a place where you can relax & enjoy the company of like-minded mothers while your children enjoy informal activities.

A basic schedule for how our days typically run:

  • 10.00am Starting Prayer
  • 10.30am Activity
  • 11.30am Free Time
  • 12.15pm Clean & Pack Up
  • 12.30pm End

Some basic safety rules:

  • No kids on the stage!
  • No kids in the kitchen!
  • Keep out of the front rooms!
  • Front entrance gate will be kept closed from 10:15am
  • Parents beware of car park blind-spots!
  • Parents remain responsible for co-operation from their own children!

Covering Costs

To cover costs we ask for a small contribution each fortnight. We suggest $10 per family.  This amount will help us to:

  • cover the hall-hire, insurance and other incidental payments,
  • provide basic tea and coffee, and
  • reimburse guests and contributors who have incurred expenses in running activities.

Thanks for your interest in our group. With your continued co-operation & support we can look forward to another great year!

Please look to the blog http://www.catholichomeschoolactivities.wordpress.com each fortnight – this will keep you in the loop.

God Bless,

Catholic Homeschooling Mums

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