2016 – A new homeschooling year

We hope you have had a restful holiday period and are ready for a new homeschooling year.


This year our group encounters some changes and we want to ensure that all members know what these changes are and how they impact on all of us.

We have received notification from the local Council that hall hire fees will be doubled this year. We have expressed our concerns to the council on this matter, detailing our group’s financial situation but their decision is final and negotiation is not possible. Following fruitless research on other possible venues we have decided that it is in the group’s best interest to remain at the current location. We tried to find a venue as accessible and secure and could not. We think it’s fair to say that both parents and children alike benefit a great deal from the activity days and it would be a great loss to the Catholic Homeschooling Community should it

Covering our costs

Our proposal at this point is to replace the former $8 donation with a new fortnightly fee of $10 per family for attending the group. This amount will need to be reviewed mid year in order to determine whether we are covering all costs. From time to time, if a special activity is planned that requires more money to undertake, we may request an extra small fee per child. You would be advised of the activity in advance to determine if it is affordable for your family. The group cannot continue to exist without your financial commitment.


Our insurance will continue to be covered through our membership to the Home Education Network.


Our booked hours of hire are 10am – 1pm. This will remain the same, so we request that these times be respected. We aim to start activities by 10:30am but this is difficult to maintain if we have to wait for people to arrive and is particularly a problem if we have a booked guest and have to keep them waiting. We also need to ensure that the hall is clean and members ready to leave at 1pm.


This year we would like to encourage the idea that our children have access to a healthy and nourishing shared morning tea. Some healthy options may include sandwiches, popcorn, fresh fruit, dips, breads and home made baked goods like cakes, slices and biscuits. If bringing home baked food please be conscious of potential allergies, particularly nuts. We will be serving water instead of cordial this year.

Get involved

On a final note we ask for your input. We need ideas for activities and we need parent involvement. We are grateful for those who donate their time to run an activity, arrange a visitor or organise an excursion. We are all busy homeschooling parents but working together we can achieve great benefits for our children.

If you have any thoughts, concerns or ideas, please do let us know, either online or in person.

Please include our group regularly in your prayers, particularly that the Holy Spirit guide us in wisdom and humility.

God bless,
Catholic Homeschool Activities Group

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