Stations of the Cross, Friday March 10

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Hi everyone,

Thanks to Michelle, Georgette and Frances for running our Shrove Tuesday activity day.
This week we will be praying the Stations of the Cross.

stations of the cross

stations of the cross

Looking forward to seeing you there,


Pancake Day 2017, Friday 24 February

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Hi everyone,

We’d like to give a big thanks to Daniel for running two activities in a row, they were both informative and fun.


Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Day)

This week Georgette, Frances and Michelle will be making pancakes for Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Day) which is celebrated on the 28th February this year. If you wish to participate in the activity, please bring along your own pancake batter, toppings, plates, and forks. We will cook them together in the hall. If anyone has a spare electric fry pan they can bring, that would be a great help. There will be a pan specifically for those with allergies. So no need to bring morning tea, I think the pancakes will be enough.

Looking forward to seeing you there,


“The Fruits of the Holy Spirit are … ” Activity day, Friday February 10th

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Hi everyone,

Thank you to Daniel for running such a great day, about the Church liturgical colours.

Remember to bring your own pencil!

Remember to bring your own pencil!

This Friday Daniel is again running a catechetical activity – this time on the Fruits of the Holy Spirit. All he asks is that we each bring a pencil and a sharp memory!

This week we are also having a special gluten free morning tea. Please do your best to bring a plate or snack to share that does not contain gluten. Please mark your plate as “Gluten Free”.

Looking forward to seeing you there, God Bless,

First Activity for 2017, Friday 27th January (and a farewell message)

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Hi everyone.

I hope your Christmas holidays have been joyful, abundant and prayerful.

One of our beautiful families is moving away from Melbourne and we must bid them a fond and forlorn farewell.  Tanya, thank you so much for your extraordinary support and for the kindness and love you and your children have shown everyone since Day One.

This will be our sixth year of regular activity days. We humbly thank Our Lady, St Michael and our patron saint, St Anne,  for the great blessings we have obtained.  May we continue to be protected and nurtured as we introduce our children to the wonders of the Faith and guide them in their exploration of our world!


For our first activity in 2017, this Friday one of our homeschool dads, Daniel, will teach us about the basics of  the Church’s liturgical colours:

Liturgical Colours!

For our activity day on Friday 27th January, we will be doing an activity with the children relating to the Church liturgical colours.  For the younger children there will be a colouring in activity so can you please bring with you your textas, crayons, pencils, etc and ensure that they have green, black, violet (purple), rose (pink), gold and red.

Thank you

– Daniel

I think it will be very engaging. I hope you can make it


Final activity for 2016, Friday 9th December – Las Posadas!

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Hi everyone.

This year has been very busy, our group has grown and our children have all shown much talent, enthusiasm and discipline in their approach to their homeschool work. Christmas and the end of the school year is almost upon us already!  The concert was a revelation and we very much thank Tanya for being such an expert and gracious MC, as well as all the performers for helping to make the day a big success.

For our final activity day for 2016, Therese will help us to keep up our traditional Mexican Advent celebration, “Las Posadas”.  If you recall from previous years we’ll start by singing a traditional carol (translated), followed by praying the rosary together, then feasting!

Fra Angelico adoring angel detail

Las Posadas: Let us join the angels, the shepherds, the inn-keepers, wise men and saints, to invite the Holy Family into our homes and hearts this Christmas.

It’s all to help us invite the Holy Family into our homes and hearts, so can everyone please along your Rosary beads and a plate to share.

Finally, thank you to each of you, for helping to make each activity day a time  where we can all relax & enjoy the company of like-minded mothers, where our children can enjoy informal activities, build lasting friendships and be introduced to new ideas and new opportunities to grow in holiness, wisdom and knowledge.  It has been a year of great blessings.

I hope you can make it to our final activity day, and I hope that Christmas brings you and yours great joy.


Concert, Friday November 25th

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Quick reminder from Georgette

Hi everyone, along side with the activity for the 25th November we will also be doing K.K’s (kris kringle).

If you wish your children to participate please put their name and age on a piece of paper. The limit for a present is between $2 – $5.
On the last day of our activity we will have a Christmas lunch and hand out the presents.
I will soon post (i.e. on Facebook -ed.) a list of foods to bring for the lunch and you can put your name next to the food you will bring. (If you’re not on Facebook, message us here and we will get Georgette in touch with you – ed.) This will stop doubling up on food.

Only 5 weeks till Christmas!!!

Hi Everyone,

Thanks to Bronwyn for her vivid, informative homeschool science class. It was action packed and a lot of fun!

Our next activity day will be our annual concert. The children could sing, play a musical instrument, dance, act, recite poetry, present a dramatic sketch, bring something they’ve made over the year, or anything that interests them, to show to the group.

Concert time!

Concert time!

 Last year we had piano pieces, songs, dances, magic shows, juggling … I know a few families have been looking forward to this opportunity to showcase some of the skills they have picked up or refined through the year. We look forward to seeing you there!

God Bless,

Science activity day, Friday 11th November

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Hi everyone.

All Saints day was such a special day. Everyone made a big effort with attention to detail and personal interest in researching each saint.  Well done!

This week Bronwyn is running some science activities.

Calling all budding young scientists! Bring your own lab coat (an old shirt will do), it's time to explore the genuis in God's glorious world.

Calling all budding young scientists! Bring your own lab coat (an old shirt will do), it’s time to explore the genuis in God’s glorious world.

We’ll be doing some simple experiments that can involve kids of all ages.  The activities will require co-operation, an enquiring mind and careful observation.  It will be a lot of fun so I hope you can make it.


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