Show and Tell, Friday April 22nd

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Hi Everyone,

I hope that your holiday was restful and that your second term is off to a flying start. The next activity will be this Friday April 22nd, it’s a show and tell day.

click the link to see some suggestions

I have heard that a few of the children have already been preparing short dramatic / musical performances. There will be a keyboard set up if anyone needs it. The aim is to give each child an opportunity to experience speaking or performing in public, in a safe, friendly environment. Should be fun!

God bless, Christina

Activity for Friday 2nd May is BYO Game (Advance Notice: “Morning Melodies”!)

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Hi everyone.

I hope your Easter was joyful, abundant and prayerful.

For our last activity of Term I we focused on two noble traditions, to great effect: Our Stations of the Cross were quite moving I thought and the St Brigid’s Crosses were beautiful, so well done everybody!

Next Friday, that’s Friday 2nd May, please BYO game. You’ll probably have to teach others how to play your game and we look forward to learning more about you by the way you share what excites you with others!

Highly addictive maths strategy game

Take turns at this highly addictive maths strategy game

This game grows on you. Teaching someone how to play chess is very rewarding

This game grows on you. Teaching someone how to play chess is very rewarding


Do you know where snakes and ladders comes from?

We’ll emphasise inclusion, cooperation and sharing – learning by teaching and learning from others through play. I think it will be very engaging.
I hope you can make it



Morning Melodies!

For our activity day on Friday 16th May, we are planning to have a concert. All children who sing or play an instrument are invited to perform, whether solo or in small ensembles/groups/families. Parents are welcome to perform with their children. It will be a relaxed musical gathering and an opportunity for those performing to get their music out of the practice room to air and share with friends. Because music isn’t made just to be practised ☺

Performers may also like to briefly share a bit of information with the audience about their piece(s) and/or instrument, such as: Who composed your piece? What are they famous for? When and where did they live? What style of music did they compose? Does your piece tell a story, and if so, what about? What family of instruments does your instrument belong to? What is your instrument made of? How is the sound produced on your instrument?

To help keep track of time and ensure we have all the necessary equipment on hand, could performers/parents of please shoot Sam a quick email ( to indicate that they would like to perform and give a rough estimate of how long their piece(s) would go for. A keyboard and a music stand will be available on the day.

– Samantha

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