Activity for Friday 4th December – Las Posadas

November 29, 2015 § Leave a comment

Hi everyone.

This Friday will be the last activity day at the hall for this year.  Please bring a festive dish to share and don’t forget your rosary beads! For our last activity of 2015, this Friday we are continuing the noble tradition of Las Posadas.  Thérèse has also organised for a piñata and as she writes below, we’re asking for your help to prepare for this wonderful celebration.


A Joyful Finale for 2015!

Hello all!
This coming Friday homeschooling gathering is our end-of-year Mexican Posada. I was thinking that perhaps the children might like to make Mexican papel picado ahead of the day, and bring them along so we can string them up for extra decoration.

Papel picado is simply coloured paper folded over with little shapes cut out of it, just like paper snowflakes. They´re always at Mexican parties, so they might help to brighten the hall a little.
God bless and see you there!



Thank you

As we reach the end of another year, may I just thank everyone who has helped along the way to make a success of our special group.  Another big ‘thanks’ goes to all the mums who have gone out of their way to run or organise an activity and share their talents.  Finally thankyou to all the lovely families who have attended our group, especially those who have travelled from far and wide to join us.

God Bless, see you next year.


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