May Crowning of Our Lady, Friday May 19th

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Hi Everyone,

Thank you, Georgette, for running the candle-making day. I think the children were so proud of the beautiful candles that they made and I’m sure the mums were happy to receive them on Mother’s day.

This week we are honouring Our Blessed  Mother by having a May Crowning, I hope you can make it.





God Bless,


Activity Day, Friday March 6th

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Hi Everyone,

Thanks to everyone who presented at the show and tell. As you can see from the photos, it was a great day with many engaging exhibits.

The brothers from the Alliance of the Two Hearts are visiting us this Friday to run some activities for the children.  Since we’re in March, the theme for the brothers visit will be St Joseph.

The Feast Day of St Joseph is March 19

March 19: The Feast Day of St Joseph

Hope to see you there!


Drama activity day, Friday 7th March – Bible stories!

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Hi everyone.

The Show ‘n’ Tell day was really lovely. It’s always good to see the kids talking in front of an appreciative audience and the diversity in our group made for some fascinating presentations and demonstrations of skill.  We’ll definitely make space for more of these days in the future!

This week Therese is organising some drama activities.  They don’t know it yet but our children will be organizing and performing short plays based on stories from The Holy Bible.  Biblical costumes and props are most welcome.


This is something that can involve kids of all ages, requiring co-operation, good humour and more than a little dramatic flair.  It will be a lot of fun so I hope you can make it.


Final activity for 2013, Friday 13th December – Las Posadas!

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Hi everyone.

This year has been so eventful and busy yet it has gone by so quickly! Fr Corrigan was a wonderful, supportive and encouraging guest at our most recent activity day and we very much thank Michelle for helping to arrange the visit of this holy young priest.

For our final activity day for 2013, Therese will introduce us to a traditional Mexican Advent celebration, “Las Posadas”.  I’m told we’ll start by singing a traditional carol (translated), followed by praying the rosary together, then feasting – Mexican style!

Fra Angelico adoring angel detail

Las Posadas: Let us join the angels, the shepherds, the inn-keepers, wise men and saints, to invite the Holy Family into our homes and hearts this Christmas.

It’s all to help us invite the Holy Family into our homes and hearts, so can everyone please along your Rosary beads and a plate to share.

I hope you can make it


“Who am I?” Mystery Saints Activity Day, Friday 1st November

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Hi everyone.

We must really thank Maria from Bunnings for another creative and memorable lesson! Kelly has put some lovely photos up so don’t forget to check them out.

This week’s activity day falls on the Feast of All Saints, 1 November.

Tanya is running this activity day and she asks that all the children “dress-up as a Saint”, but keep your Saint’s name a secret. We’ll play some games to try to work out who you are! The children (who are old enough) can research a few details about the life of their Saint, such as:

  •  When their Saint’s feast day is
  •  When their Saint lived (ie. birth and death)
  • The country they were from
  • Their Saint’s family background (ie. how many children in family,  what parents were like)
  • What did they do to help make them a Saint?
  • What miracles were associated with their life?
  • Did they start/help start an order?
  • What are they a patron Saint for?

The children can also include a few symbols in their costumes to serve as a clue (eg. palm or cross to show they died a martyr,  lily for purity or virginity etc.)

There will  also be a prize for the best dressed Saint and for the Saint who no one can guess. Everyone who dresses up as a Saint will receive something!


St Who-am-I

All Saints Day – Friday 1 November 2013 *

It should a great way to together celebrate All Saints Day! I hope you can make it.


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