Science activity day, Friday 11th August

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Hi everyone.

This week is national science week. We thought it would be a great idea if each family could bring something that is science related and give a short explanation about it. This could be an experiment they conducted, something they have made, observed or learnt about.




This should be very interesting day

God Bless,


Stained glass window craft activity, Friday March 24th

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Hi Everyone,

The next activity will be a stained-glass-window craft with the Lenten theme, “Waiting for the Risen Christ“.  The activity will be run by Celia and her daughter, Bernadette.

The children will cut designs out of black card, or choose a ready-made design (more suited to younger children) and fill in the empty spaces with the beautiful glowing colours of stained-glass windows.  Please bring a glue stick and scissors.  Keep in mind that sharp scissors are necessary, so each design should be cut by an adult or older child.

As we move to Laetare Sunday (the 4th Sunday of Lent) our windows will serve to remind us of the rapidly ending period of penance!

BYO glue stick and scissors!


I hope you can join us.

God bless, Christina

First Activity for 2017, Friday 27th January (and a farewell message)

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Hi everyone.

I hope your Christmas holidays have been joyful, abundant and prayerful.

One of our beautiful families is moving away from Melbourne and we must bid them a fond and forlorn farewell.  Tanya, thank you so much for your extraordinary support and for the kindness and love you and your children have shown everyone since Day One.

This will be our sixth year of regular activity days. We humbly thank Our Lady, St Michael and our patron saint, St Anne,  for the great blessings we have obtained.  May we continue to be protected and nurtured as we introduce our children to the wonders of the Faith and guide them in their exploration of our world!


For our first activity in 2017, this Friday one of our homeschool dads, Daniel, will teach us about the basics of  the Church’s liturgical colours:

Liturgical Colours!

For our activity day on Friday 27th January, we will be doing an activity with the children relating to the Church liturgical colours.  For the younger children there will be a colouring in activity so can you please bring with you your textas, crayons, pencils, etc and ensure that they have green, black, violet (purple), rose (pink), gold and red.

Thank you

– Daniel

I think it will be very engaging. I hope you can make it


Final activity for 2016, Friday 9th December – Las Posadas!

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Hi everyone.

This year has been very busy, our group has grown and our children have all shown much talent, enthusiasm and discipline in their approach to their homeschool work. Christmas and the end of the school year is almost upon us already!  The concert was a revelation and we very much thank Tanya for being such an expert and gracious MC, as well as all the performers for helping to make the day a big success.

For our final activity day for 2016, Therese will help us to keep up our traditional Mexican Advent celebration, “Las Posadas”.  If you recall from previous years we’ll start by singing a traditional carol (translated), followed by praying the rosary together, then feasting!

Fra Angelico adoring angel detail

Las Posadas: Let us join the angels, the shepherds, the inn-keepers, wise men and saints, to invite the Holy Family into our homes and hearts this Christmas.

It’s all to help us invite the Holy Family into our homes and hearts, so can everyone please along your Rosary beads and a plate to share.

Finally, thank you to each of you, for helping to make each activity day a time  where we can all relax & enjoy the company of like-minded mothers, where our children can enjoy informal activities, build lasting friendships and be introduced to new ideas and new opportunities to grow in holiness, wisdom and knowledge.  It has been a year of great blessings.

I hope you can make it to our final activity day, and I hope that Christmas brings you and yours great joy.


Science activity day, Friday 11th November

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Hi everyone.

All Saints day was such a special day. Everyone made a big effort with attention to detail and personal interest in researching each saint.  Well done!

This week Bronwyn is running some science activities.

Calling all budding young scientists! Bring your own lab coat (an old shirt will do), it's time to explore the genuis in God's glorious world.

Calling all budding young scientists! Bring your own lab coat (an old shirt will do), it’s time to explore the genuis in God’s glorious world.

We’ll be doing some simple experiments that can involve kids of all ages.  The activities will require co-operation, an enquiring mind and careful observation.  It will be a lot of fun so I hope you can make it.


Bush Dancing, Friday 22 July

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Hi Everyone,

What a cold Winter we are having here in Melbourne!

To warm us up at the next activity day, Therese will be teaching the children the basics of bush dancing. The younger children will learn a simple dance. The older children will be learning a few more complicated dances.

So please come dressed in boots and country style clothing to get into the spirit of the day. 

Looking forward to seeing you all,


Activity for Friday 20th May is BYO Game

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Hi everyone.

This Friday, that’s Friday 20th May, please BYO game. You’ll probably have to teach others how to play your game and we look forward to learning more about you by the way you share what excites you with others!

Highly addictive maths strategy game

Take turns at this highly addictive maths strategy game

This game grows on you. Teaching someone how to play chess is very rewarding

This game grows on you. Teaching someone how to play chess is very rewarding


Do you know where snakes and ladders comes from?

We’ll emphasise inclusion, cooperation and sharing – learning by teaching and learning from others through play. I think it will be very engaging.
I hope you can make it


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