Show and Tell, Friday April 22nd

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Hi Everyone,

I hope that your holiday was restful and that your second term is off to a flying start. The next activity will be this Friday April 22nd, it’s a show and tell day.

click the link to see some suggestions

I have heard that a few of the children have already been preparing short dramatic / musical performances. There will be a keyboard set up if anyone needs it. The aim is to give each child an opportunity to experience speaking or performing in public, in a safe, friendly environment. Should be fun!

God bless, Christina

“Who am I?” Mystery Saints Activity Day, Friday 1st November

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Hi everyone.

We must really thank Maria from Bunnings for another creative and memorable lesson! Kelly has put some lovely photos up so don’t forget to check them out.

This week’s activity day falls on the Feast of All Saints, 1 November.

Tanya is running this activity day and she asks that all the children “dress-up as a Saint”, but keep your Saint’s name a secret. We’ll play some games to try to work out who you are! The children (who are old enough) can research a few details about the life of their Saint, such as:

  •  When their Saint’s feast day is
  •  When their Saint lived (ie. birth and death)
  • The country they were from
  • Their Saint’s family background (ie. how many children in family,  what parents were like)
  • What did they do to help make them a Saint?
  • What miracles were associated with their life?
  • Did they start/help start an order?
  • What are they a patron Saint for?

The children can also include a few symbols in their costumes to serve as a clue (eg. palm or cross to show they died a martyr,  lily for purity or virginity etc.)

There will  also be a prize for the best dressed Saint and for the Saint who no one can guess. Everyone who dresses up as a Saint will receive something!


St Who-am-I

All Saints Day – Friday 1 November 2013 *

It should a great way to together celebrate All Saints Day! I hope you can make it.


Bring your own favourite game, Friday August 9th

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Hi everyone,

Many thanks to Daniel for the soccer games  and to Kelly for running the “Choose your own art adventure” activity.  You know the lesson is going well when you take a step back and observe the effort and co-operation displayed by children across a spectrum of ages.

Games can stimulate skills in creativity, problem-solving, and teamwork, and yes they’re great fun too.  So this week we’re giving each of our children the opportunity to “bring your own favourite game” and show us what makes it great for you.

colourful dice and skittles

byo favourite game

It’s all about about thinking differently and sharing your knowledge and enjoyment.   I think this will be a great activity day for all the children. Show us what  fires your imagination!

Hope to see you there,


Activity Day, Friday May 17th

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Hi everyone,

Thanks to Kelly for running the lovely bookbinding activity, and for providing lots of playdough for the little ones. What a joy it was to look around and see everyone engaged in their task, no matter their age.


We’re embracing a multicultural theme for the next activity day. Tell us about a culture that’s important to your family.

Mums, please bring a plate representing your chosen country. If the children would like to bring something from their country, or dress in their national costume, it would certainly add to the day for everyone.  We’ll be providing the materials for the little ones to colour in a picture of their own flag. Older children might like to prepare something brief, highlighting something special about their country:

  • where is it?
  • population?
  • famous saints?
  • famous historical figures?

Let’s eat, dress up and celebrate what’s beautiful in our cultures!

Hope to see you there,


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